Global Issues

Wealth and power are things that can be good and useful for the common good if they are put at the service of the poor and everyone with justice and charity.

-Pope Francis-

Youth aren’t problems to be solved: they’re problem solvers.

-Craig Kielburger-

Global Social Issues

Every person is part of the larger society and is shaped by and responsible to it. Historically and currently, people have strived to create a better society that attends to the individual as well as to the collective good.

-Saskatchewan Curriculum-

A global issue describes any social, economic, political or environmental problem that affects the global community (the world).

Tips on how to become more involved in global issues:

  1. Broaden your options

-educate yourself about global issues

  1. Listen to your heart

-Find a cause that you care about

  1. Build helping others into your schedule

-Make it a priority to make a difference in someone’s life

  1. Take care of yourself

-Take time for a break; you will be more effective.

-Craig Kielburger-

We Movement

Below are links to websites that you may use for your inquiry:

A. Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC) helps Saskatchewan people act on their desire to make the world a better place. They do this by educating Saskatchewan people about global issues like poverty, health, and human rights, and encouraging individuals to take meaningful action.

How to be a Global Thinker:

  • Why might this issue matter to me?
  • Why might it matter to those around me?
  • Why might it matter around the world?

Research the website: to find out what some people in Saskatchewan are doing in their communities and wider communities to make a difference in the world!

Research the website: to find out what people across Canada are doing in their communities and wider communities to make a difference in the world!

B. Poverty:


C. Climate Change:

1. The True Cost of Oil-Ted Talks

2. David Suzuki:

Nature of Things

Climate Change

3. Pope Francis -Rights of the Environment-UN

Pope Francis

4. Climate Change-CBC News

5. Leonardo DiCaprio-Before The Flood

6. Leonardo DiCaprio-United Nations on Global Warming

7. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

8. Climate Change-Canadian Encyclopedia

9. Global News-new invention that will keep our oceans clean:

D.Animal Rights:

1. Choose the link below to access World Wildlife Fund for Nature


2. CBC News Article-Ocean Fish Numbers- WWF Report

CBC news-September 16, 2015

E. Global Conflicts/Current Crisis

“we have duties to ourselves, our nation, and the world.”

-Barack Obama-

Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb by Jonathan Fetter – Vorm is a graphic novel that tells the story of the dramatic history of the race to build the first atomic bomb, the decision to drop the bomb, the bomb’s devastating aftermath and the bomb’s philosophical legacy. Choose the link below:

Global Issues_Trinity_HistoryAtomicBomb_2017

Global Issues is a site that breaks down and extends some of the most important and controversial topics from around the world.  Featured articles and links help you connect to the big issues!  The site contains a MASSIVE list of possible world issues that may interest you.

Global Issues

UN Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons- CBC article:

USA and North Korea

F. International Organizations

Amnesty International has news and updates from around the world.  Tackle the big issues, learn how to join the organization, and ways you can ACT NOW in support of Amnesty International and global initiatives.

Amnesty International

UNICEF is globally renowned for their work with children’s rights – look out their site and learn more about their programs or ways you can make a difference.  The site also features interesting statistics and images and more!


Warchild:Explore more about this incredible organization and their work in advocating for children in war torn countries.  Their efforts to rebuild and support communities for children is incredible.  This organization is “dedicated to protecting childhood by bringing education, opportunity and justice to where they are needed most”  Learn more and find ways to get involved or how to have an impact on the future of these children.


United Nations: Learn more about one of the most important organizations in the world!  Peace and security, global development, human rights, humanitarian affairs, and international law are just some of the important areas affected by the work of the UN.  “Welcome to the United Nations.  It’s your world.”

United Nations

WE Movement:

Peacemaker Hero

My Hero